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EUSL Foundation

For an inclusive and equal society

How we solve the biggest challenge in society of our time
Part of the World Social Label Charity

About the European Social Label Foundation

A foundation based on a combination of the idea-driven and private sector. The foundation was created by European Social Label whose main goal is to solve Sweden's and Europe's integration challenges in society. Primarily, this is done through close work with the business community and labor market policy efforts, and any surplus is then donated to the foundation where the local business community can request funds for what are called social initiatives in society. The foundation's mission is to be the face of the companies that want to be seen in socially integrating contexts, get positive marketing and strengthen their position on the market.  Internally and with a twinkle in the eye, there is a joke that the foundation is a "stupid" foundation as it follows someone else's wishes. Regardless of how you look at it, the goal is a more inclusive and equal society.


Social initiatives in society

It is the members of the European Social Label who are involved in developing and choosing which initiatives are to be implemented. The only requirement the EUSL Foundation makes is that it must primarily be locally connected and follow the market areas that the European Social Label has set up. Everyone is welcome to submit suggestions for what our members can do, even people and companies who are not members, but it is the members who decide in the end. On the following pages, the three orientations that the foundation wants to work with in the first place follow, which in theory and practice include most of them. 


Make a Wish

Help someone realize their dreams. The foundation carries out targeted efforts towards the individual but must be anchored among the members in the local market area.


Create. Train. 

Teach useful knowledge to more people. Most people agree that knowledge is good. It is more difficult to manage new knowledge in the right way. For this reason, the foundation is involved and works for long-term sustainability. Together with the education platform EUSS, European Social Symposium, the foundation creates relevant educations and opportunities. The aim is to be able to participate in and part-finance projects and businesses that will then be able to stand on their own two feet.

The foundation's focus areas

with the individual's well-being in the forefront. The EUSL Foundation is the ultimate spearhead of the European Social Label. The goal is to create a new ecosystem for social integration that is self-supporting and at the same time can challenge the prevailing system that exists throughout Europe. The tank is divided into two; on the one hand, the European Social Label and the EUSL Foundation must solve the biggest challenge of our time, and on the other hand, we must relieve the already existing system so that it can better focus on what they do better than integration work. 

The individual

Everyone can face difficult challenges in life. It does not have to be a specific target group and the foundation therefore wants to be involved and support wherever it is needed. The foundation focuses on facilitating everyday life and the efforts can therefore be varied. Common is that all efforts come from business.

Small business owner

Small businesses account for over 93% of all Sweden's businesses. The foundation focuses on these so that they, in turn, can help people enter - or remain - in society. A membership is an investment both in one's own business and ultimately also in society.

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The foundation's areas of operation

The European Social Label has divided Sweden into 21 market areas that follow the county distribution in the country. This is to ensure that it is always a local connection without top management. It should be clear and easy to know which companies are members and where in the country they are located. Likewise, it must be clear that the surplus that is generated and goes into our foundation, the EUSL Foundation, also goes into our social efforts in the vicinity of the members who join and pay the membership fee. Swipe on to read a little more about the foundation or visit it via the link below. 

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In Sweden, European Social Label is divided into six parts: European Social Label, which is the main organization, EUSL EU, EUSL Core, EUSL Gruppen EUSL SCC and ECSR Gruppen, which primarily works to get the business community involved in the work around diversity, equality and integration . Together, it creates a common denominator that individually can be difficult to pin down. Through their work, a better and more inclusive society is created at the same time that the business world that takes up their services, concepts and working models has good opportunities for increased turnover, reduced costs - or both. It is the surplus from these five organizations that finance the EUSL Foundation with their surplus.

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The foundation's possibilities are great, but it requires that there is a business community behind it. The basis is membership in the European Social Label, which not only gives the foundation the opportunity to change society, the membership also gives you as a company or entrepreneur great opportunities to develop through various services, marketing and brand development!

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